Multiplayer Slots: Win an Additional Bonus

Multiplayer Slots: Win an Additional Bonus

Slots are thrilling and fun. It’s even more fun to play with friends or make new friends online.

Multiplayer slot machines allow you to do that, while Community slots allow other players to earn a bonus (as much as you win yourself), and they can do it for you.

Multi-Player Standard Casino Slots

Multi-Player Standard Slots enables players to play with others online.

* The slots rooms have a fixed number.

* A player is limited to one slot machine per area.

* All Slot Machines are visible to all Players

* The Players slot spinning once is considered a game. It starts when reel 1, or the Players slot, spins. It ends when reel 3, or the Players slot stops spinning.

* Players must place a stake to be eligible to play in a given game. The Slot Room determines how much each Player will wager in any round.

* Each player can spin his or her own slot.

* The pay out is determined by the pay table

* There are different slots rooms that have fixed coin sizes. The required coin size is decided by you.

* Player clicking on the STAND-UP button immediately takes them out of the room. The slot’s SEAT AVAILABLE banner gets replaced.

Multi-Player Gaming Slots

Community slots are slots games that have regular and/or community payouts.

Community payouts pay out for combinations of winning symbols that are shared by the community.

Players that place a bet on the winning spin receive the community payout if they have a combination of a community winning symbol. This happens regardless of whether or not they win.

* The size of the slots room is fixed.

* A Player can only sit at one machine each room.

* A game can be defined as every active slot spinning at the same time. It begins when reel 1 starts on each active slot, and ends when the reel 3 stops on each active casino slot.

* Players are required to place a stake in order for them to be eligible to play in a particular game. The slot room will determine the wagering amount for each Player.

* Each game can only be played one-to-one. Winnings are calculated according to a standard play table. Community payouts are excluded. These are the top 3 wins, depending on which game you play and what slot room you are playing.

This payout is for every player who participated in the spin in which the payout was won.

* Every win combination is eligible for a standard payout. The Player who wins the combination with the highest payout is entitled to the Player Payout. The Community Payout balance is available.

* To start the game, you must have at least two players in your room.

* There are many slot rooms that have fixed coin sizes. The coin size you choose to play is up to you

*If a Player clicks on the “SIT OUT” button, they will be taken out of the next round.

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